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Here at A+ Investigations & Protection LLC. we have developed investigative resources to help with any investigation. It has become a passion of ours to develop sources and contacts that would reveal any information you suspect may be hidden from you. While we have compiled a list of our services below we understand every investigation is unique in some way. If you do not see a specific search you believe will be helpful in your situation feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help you obtain your goal.

We are not a “point and click” type of Research Company but we instead focus on getting verified, actual source information that is conducted within Federal and State privacy legislation guidelines. Our staff is made up of experienced skip-tracers and former law enforcement that have extensive experience in financial crimes.

Prospective clients must complete the “Request Access Form” below, or contact us at . There are no fees associated with signing up, no monthly fees or escrow accounts. When an order is placed, an authorization hold will be placed on your card. A final bill will be charged when we complete your order. You only pay for the information we provide and outlined on our price list. We can set up billing via credit cards. We must have a valid credit card on file to conduct business with you. On credit card billing, we charge your card at the time we complete the work and before we send it back to you along with a paid invoice outlining the charges. All other customers will receive an invoice which must be paid prior to receiving the information.

All information is returned to your provided email address.

If required information is not provided, additional fees may apply without notice to complete your order. All orders must be in writing via email. No phone orders will be accepted. Orders received after 3pm Eastern Time may not be processed until the following business day. Office hours are Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5pm Eastern Time.

Guarantee: 100% money back or correction made
On research information except database searches; rush fees, attempt fees; turnaround times and verbal quotes are not guaranteed. Guarantee applies only to errors in information actually found on the date research completed and not to omissions. Disputes must be written and sent to us within 30 days of invoice with authoritative documentation. Suspicion or conjecture of an “error” or omission is not grounds for dispute, circumstances may warrant variance, but at A+ Investigations & Protection LLC sole discretion. Prices subject to change. Clients are responsible to confirm pricing before placing orders.

If rush or ASAP is requested on orders a minimum additional charge of 30% of the hit rate will apply to the order including no hits, plus the no hit fee. The order will be worked on next by the assigned researcher, but due to complexities of the order, the order may still not be completed immediately.

Prices subject to change. Clients are responsible to confirm pricing before placing orders. All charges are listed and billed unless “No Hit” charges are listed specifically. Research fee of $75 per hour on special investigations not listed below. Surveillance fees are a minimum of $75 per hour and are geographically rated.
All Searches are processed in strict compliance of the Gramm-Leach Bliley Act of 1999 as well as all other applicable Federal and State laws including FCRA and FDCPA.
No account numbers will be provided for Bank or Investment account locates.