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535 Court St
Reading, PA 19601
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1260 W. 8th St
Erie, PA 16502
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540 Court St # 2003
Brooklyn, NY 11231
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Infidelity Investigations

Do you have that gut feeling? Has your spouse been behaving unusually? Have you noticed suspicious calls and texts? Uncover the truth now!

People Locating

Deadbeat Parents, Debtors, Long-Lost Relatives, Bail Jumpers, Witnesses and more. Let our Licensed Private Investigators find them for you.

Criminal & Civil Investigation

Workers Compensation Claims, Slip & Fall Claims, Witness Statements, Statements of the Accused, Accident Scene Documentation and more.

Security Services

Armed and Unarmed Security Officers, Uniform or Plainclothes. Mobile Patrols, Retail Loss Prevention, Bodyguards & Executive Protection Specialist.

Protection & Transport

Certified, Executive Protection Personal Security Specialist, Secure Transportation, VIP Escort Service, Armed Security Drivers, Court Escort, VIP Bodyguard, Security Advance.

Give Yourself Peace of Mind. Hire an Investigator to FIND THE TRUTH!

A+ Investigations & Protection, LLC.

Pennsylvania Private Investigators with years of Investigations and Protection experience. A+ Investigations & Protection is a Pennsylvania Licensed Private Detective Agency Serving The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania with our Headquarters based in Berks County, Reading, Pennsylvania.

Our Professional, Experienced Pennsylvania Private Investigators are committed to providing the highest level of quality Pennsylvania Private Investigation Services at affordable prices. Our Pennsylvania Private Investigators are familiar with old-fashioned and modern-day techniques that can be utilized to achieve better results.

Do you suspect a Cheating Spouse? Curious about the Guy that is Dating Your Daughter? Did one of your Defendants skip-out on bail? Do you need Child Support, but can’t find the other parent?

Regardless of your need for a Pennsylvania Private Investigator, we are fully capable of handling your case and delivering the results you need to gain peace-of-mind. With a team made-up of former Law Enforcement, Military, Investigators and Security Professionals, we have the necessary knowledge and experience to take on any situation

When You Need Someone to Trust, You can Count on A+

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Protecting Your Privacy: Tips from Private Investigators

In an era where personal information is more accessible than ever, privacy has become a rare commodity. The digital footprint left by online activities can be a goldmine for those with malicious intent, making privacy protection essential. Private investigators, often...

What is a Private Investigator?

A private investigator (who can also be known as a PI, private eye, or private detective) is a professional who is hired by law firms, corporations, insurance agencies, private individuals, or other entities to gather intelligence and confirm or disprove information....

How a Private Investigator can Help Attorneys

How a Private Investigator can Help Attorneys Attorneys hire private investigators for many reasons such as they often produce results that are more valuable in practice, usually charge less than legal consultants, and can assist in making a lawsuit stronger. But what...

Criminal & Civil Investigations

Service of Process, Infidelity / Cheating Spouse, Surveillance, Insurance, Worker’s Compensation, Nationwide Background Checks, Witness Statements, Statements of the Accused and more…

People Locating & Skip-Tracing

Fugitives / Bail Jumpers, Missing Persons, Deadbeat Parents, Long-Lost Loved Ones, Debtors, Relatives, Witnesses, Defendants and more…

Security Guard Services

Armed, Unarmed, Uniformed Officers, Undercover Officers, Loss Prevention, Event Officers, Roving Mobile Patrols, 24 Hrs. Security Emergency Response, Construction Site Security and More….

Executive Protection & Bodyguards

Personal Protection, Travel Security, Estate Security, Covert Executive Protection, Corporate Events, Threat Investigations, VIP Protection and More…


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